I am happy to report that this year’s financial status has improved substantially over last year, due to alumni support and to the efforts of the undergrads. The house ACB account is in the black, with a balance of $11,188.00. According to preliminary reports, this fall’s house live-ins should just about double to 40. Just think………….2 years ago, it looked as though we would have to close down the chapter house; leaving only memories of the past. We now have the future to look forward to, along with new Delta Sigs.

We are not out of the woods yet. There is still a lot to be done:

1) We have learned that much of what it is to be a Delta Sig and the responsibilities of running a fraternity properly, have not been passed down to the new members over the last several years. Jim Wilson has done a tremendous job as Chapter Advisor in trying to turn this around. He has requested help from the alums to act as mentors; those of you that held positions in the house in the past have a wealth of knowledge that the can be utilized.

2)Maintenance and upgrades: Our second work week-end this summer has been scheduled for August 13, 14 and 15th. Everything from painting, electrical, pruning, cleaning, bunk-bed construction and much more is being planned for this event. If you have the time, we could sure use the help. Thomas James (ACB President) is our project’s foreman and can be contacted at (503)690-9467. If you are just traveling thru the area, please stop by and say hi…………that would make our day.

3)Fund Raising: Including the 2 checks that I have just received, we currently have a balance of $5,455.00. We are 1/3 of the way there; in reaching our goal of restoring the down-stairs bathroom. This is our last big project, but probably one of the most important.

In order to achieve maximum capacity, we need working bathrooms on all floors. As before, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Checks should be made out to

and sent to:

Grant Lund, 9001 82nd Ave. NW, Gig Harbor, Wa. 98332

Any questions: Home #:(253)858-8446 Cell #:(253)514-7359 E-mail:


Grant Lund

ACB Vice President/Treasurer

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