September 21, 2011 Tree Removal Pictures
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On September 21, 2011, the electric utility arrived at the Chapter House to remove the two large trees, which had been pruned previously. Earlier this year Jim Wilson, Chapter Advisor, brought in a foresty consultant from WSU to examine the trees. The consultant informed us that many of the limbs could fall on the parking lot at any time, due to weather, wind, rain, snow or ice. While the trees were being removed it was discovered than many limbs had internal rot. See the close up picture of one limb, below.

The utility spokesperson informed Jim that they may be able to supply some replacement trees for the sidewalk border area, dependent upon budget contraints and possible Fraternity financial assistance.

Final cleanup includes the contractor returning to cut up all the larger pieces into manageable size and for the Fraternity members to move the wood out of the front yard.

Photo's courtesy of Jim Wilson.

early morning preparation for tree removal

another view of the early morning preparation for tree removal

Power line trimming is underway

Close up of the power trimmer and operator

Chipper Truck driveline broke, requiring a tow truck to get it out of the parking lot so a replacement truck could arrive

Lower tree clear of power lines, working on upper tree

Inside of one of the limbs that had extended over the parking lot.

Progress being made on the upper tree

The upper tree is clear of the power lines

Cutting complete.

View from the front porch of Chapter House.

Clean up and cutting wood into smaller pieces to be done Thursday

Removal done.

View of Chapter House from Monroe Street

Removal done.

View of Chapter House from above parking lot

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