Gamma Delta Financial Update August 5, 2009

Total Contributions Thru August 5, 2009: over $25,000.00

Contributions By Members:

  1. Ken Ahlstrom, Lynnwood, Wa.
  2. Wayne Penttila, Richland, Wa.
  3. Mark Hansen, Valdez, AK.

  4. Frederick Parks, Seattle.
  5. Thomas James (TJ),Beaverton, OR
  6. Edward Maher, Seattle.

  7. Jon Raymond, Shoreline, WA.
  8. Tom Stowe, Bellevue, WA.
  9. Jim Wilson, Spokane, WA.

  10. Don Petersen, Mukilteo, WA.
  11. Lon Barrett, Spokane, WA.
  12. Joey Caisse, Houston, TX.

  13. Kevin Allman, Issaquah, WA.
  14. Jonathan Hobbs, Folsom, CA.
  15. Ken Hooper, Bakersfield, CA.

  16. Jason Payne, San Diego, CA.
  17. Dan Larson, Seattle.
  18. John Ditzler, Seattle.

  19. Steve Holman, Renton, WA.
  20. Grant Lund, Gig Harbor, WA.
  21. Dave Petersen, Wenatchee, WA.

  22. Bob Meriman, Tri-Cities, WA.
  23. David Dubois, Seattle.
  24. Chuck Zimmerman, Wenatchee, WA.

  25. Gamma Delta Alumni Group, Seattle.
  26. Tim Hermann, College Station, TX.
  27. Gamma Delta Mothers Club

This is an outstanding accomplishment, considering the economic climate and time table of 6 months. Because of your generosity and belief in Gamma Delta, we have been able to keep our college roots alive; Holding on to our heritage, memories and brotherly bonds; Also affording other young men the opportunity to learn and dream in an environment in which we grew up.

Not only did we have a huge out-pouring of contributions, which range from $50 to $5,000, but also time spent corresponding amongst ourselves and actual labor, working at the chapter house, along with undergrads in June. The Gamma Delta Mothers Club contributed repairs to the Kitchen-to-outside door and repairs to the metal railing surrounding the chapter house parking lot. This overall effort is continuing August 14th thru 16th. We will also have more information soon, as to our Phase II goal for the rest of the year.

This brings us to the 3rd and probably most important contribution by our alums: Support and Oversight Of The Undergrads. Without the supervision, teaching and follow-up needed each year, we will have spent all of our energy, time and money for nothing. We are currently contacting alums and asking for a commitment for 1 year on the ACB, as a live-in advisor or as the chapter supervisor. In the past 3 years, we have had only 2 full time members, Jay and Kevin. We are looking for a 9 member board: 7 alums, along with undergrad President and Treasurer.

The following positions needed: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and three advisory members. Meetings will be quarterly, along with correspondence between Members, Gamma Delta Alum Chapter and the general alumni population.

I would like to inform all of you, that in contacting many of the alums in the area, we have had a good response (you know….threats, discussions while drinking heavily, sucking-up….the usual); In actuality we have 5 alums open to service on the board, a live-in advisor signed up and a member interested in the chapter supervisor job.

Everything is still open; We are trying to align the board in the best way to be effective and convenient to each member alumnae. The actual elections are during homecoming in October, but our goal is to have a recommended list of candidates prior to the event.

We will e-mail our recommendations to everyone, by the end of August, so that there will be time for any discussion. Our goal is to have a rotating board each year; along with the alumni support needed to continue this practice.

Questions concerning fund raising and chapter support please contact Grant Lund:

P.S. I just received info from Tim Hermann, one of my live-in brothers at the house. Tim, like most of us in the last year, felt that it was going to be an almost impossible task to turn things around… was sure about the response and support from the members. His e-mail really made my day; we all did good. Thanks and I will talk with you-all again at the end of August.



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