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Henry James, son of Henry & Abigail James.

1853, Age 24.

Bloomingville, Erie County, Ohio.

Roxy James

Roxy James, age 12,

daughter of Henry & Abigail James.

Bloomingville, 1839.

Jesse Jane (James) Wilkinson,

Lincoln, Nebraska. 1908.

Richard Harry James, 1949.

Edith James, 1940.

Harry is son of Nathan & Frances James

Coupeville, Washington.

Alma LeSourd,

daughter of Nathan & Frances James,

wife of John LeSourd, 1918.


Elva Louise James,

daughter of Nathan & Frances James.


Abbie James Morrill, 1932.

Andrew J Morrill, 1924.


Nathan Harry LeSourd,

son of Alma & John LeSourd.


John LeSourd,

husband of Alma James LeSourd.

Coupeville, 1975.

Nathan Howells James, 1930, Coupeville.

Frances Katherine (Perkins) James,

wife of Nathan James, 1927.


Elizabeth James,

daughter of Henry & Abigail James.


William T James, son of Henry & Abigail James, Husband of Mary Stark James.

Killed in action, Battle of Corinth, Oct 4, 1862.

Rank of Private, Company K, 63rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry

Enlisted Sept, 1862.

Betsy and Enos Cullen, Castalia Cemetery, Erie County, Ohio. Betsy is the daughter of Henry and Aigail James.

Mary James, daughter of Henry and Abigail James.

Mary was the wife of Major Hawes, her first husband.

Mary was the wife of Charles Skuse, her second husband.

Mary is buried in Two Rivers Cemetery, near the town of Deerfield in Isabella County, Michigan.

The year of Mary's birth may look like 1833 but under close examination is truely 1855.

Sophronia James Mielke (shown as Milkie).Daughter of Henry and Abigail James.

Sand Hill Cemetery, Erie County, Ohio.

August Mielke (shown as Milkie).

Sand Hill Cemetery, Erie County, Ohio.

Sarah Lucinda James Stark, daughter of Henry and Abigail James.

Wife of Lewis Stark.

Buried at Sand Hill Cemetery, Erie County, Ohio.

Lewis Stark, husband of Sarah Lucinda James.

1836-1920. Age 83.

Buried at Sand Hill Cemetery, Erie County, Ohio.

Ira Brockway, Crane Cemetery, Blissfield, Michigan.

George W Brockway, Crane Cemetery, Blissfield, Michigan.

Son of Ira Brockway and Elizabeth James Ledwedge Brockway.

George W Brockway.

A former resident of Erie County and well known to many Register readers died recently at his home near Blissfield, Mich. His boyhood days were spent in the vicinity of Bloomingville.

In 1861 he was married to Miss Geraldine Sherwood of Margaretta, having a lovely home in readiness on the place now owned by Bath near the seven mile house where they lived four years

In the fall of 1864 they moved to Michigan and settled on the farm that has since been their home.

He was a member of Company G, Ohio National Guard, doing duty near Washington near the close of the war and for the past 40 years has been one of Michigans most prosperous and influential farmers

Last spring on account of his age and failing health he moved his family into the peaceful and lovely town of Blissfield for rest and socialbility with his many friends

But before he had fixed on a permanent home the messenger came for him to go up higher and on Sunday morning Sept 13,after a brief illness from Typhoid fever, his spirit took its flight, leaving a devoted wife and five children to mourn their loss.

The funeral, which was one of the largest ever held in that place, was attended by the relatives and friends, the GAR and FAM orders in a body. The internment was in Crane Cemetery near his former home.

Truely an honest exemplry man has passed to the reward of the just with an enviable record.

Ira and George Brockway gravestones, Crane Cemetery, Blissfield, Lenawee County, Michigan.

William Henry Brockway, Bloomingville Cemetery, Erie County, Ohio.

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