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William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas,Shawnee County, Part 41, SOLDIER TOWNSHIP
courtesy of
The University of Kansas and the Kansas State Historical Society.


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In 1854, James Kuykendall, John Cunningham, R. J. Fulton, H. D. McMeekin, P. Fleshman, W. S. Kuykendall, John B. Chapman, D. Milne, James A. Grey, G. P. Dorris, James M. Hand, and a Mr. Tipton, settled in the township.

A saw-mill was built by G. P. Dorris on his farm during 1854. From September 4, 1855, to February, 1859, the county seat of Calhoun County was located in what is now the southeastern part of Soldier Township, that portion of the township forming a part of that county during those years, and a part of Jackson County from 1859 to 1860.

The history of the most important point in Soldier Township, to-wit: North Topeka, is given in connection with that of Topeka, to which it in truth belongs; also a full account of its local institutions, churches, societies, etc. The personal sketches of its business men appear with those of the city of which it is virtually a part. The personal histories following are of residents of the township proper.


LEONHARD WENDEL, farmer, Section 8, P. O. North Topeka, came to Kansas in 1854, locating where Topeka now stands. He there established the first bakery and eating stand, remaining two years and then moved to present farm, consisting of 160 acres, seventy acres being in cultivation, the rest timber and grass land.

The entire farm is enclosed by a hedge, besides having several wire fences. Has a good orchard, covering eight acres and consisting mostly of apple, though there are other varieties of fruit.

He was born in the village of Kerch Brambach, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, October 10, 1804, emigrating to America in 1833. He landed at Baltimore and located at Bedford, Pa., where he was married January, 1836 to Dorothea Oul. They have seven children - Ferdinand, George, John, Sophia,Laura, Elizabeth and Louisa. He and his family are members of the Lutheran Church.

TJ Note: Death certificate for Laura Wendel James lists Leonard Wendel as father, with "unknown" for mother. Laura Wendel married Thomas M James. They lived in Topeka, Kansas and had 5 sons.. Laura did have a sister whose first name was Lucy, mentioned in her obituary notice.

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