The Relationship of the JAMES Family & the BROCKWAY Family, from the early 1800's.
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The relationship of Ira BROCKWAY to Elizabeth JAMES

This data was gathered from sources in Ohio and from US Census reports, and the location for most of these events is the town of Bloomingville, Oxford Township, Erie County, Ohio, followed by the town of Blissfield, Lenawee County, Michigan.

From the Firelands Pioneer, 1865, Aldrich: (paraphrased) Thomas James settled near the present town of Bloomingville, in Oxford Township. This publication, in 1865, said that "son-in-law" Ira BROCKWAY, accompanied Thomas James and family, from New London, CT to the "Firelands".

Ira BROCKWAY married Elizabeth JAMES LEADWIDGE on Sept 15, 1827. Based on census and graveyard records, it appears Ira Brockway was born between 1798 and 1803. Ira died August 9, 1878 and is buried in Crane Cemetery, Blissfield, Lenawee County, Michigan.  view grave marker

Crane Cemetery is located northeast of Blissfiled, Michigan, just across the border north of Toledo, Ohio. There is a Brockway monument and two gravestones, one for Ira and one for George.   view both grave markers

Elizabeth JAMES first married Michael Leadwidge in 1822. Michael died in 1823. His gravestone is in Bloomingville cemetery, adjacent to Brockway gravestones.

There is one BROCKWAY gravestone in the Bloomingville cemetery, among the BROCKWAY headstones, that shows the name BROCKWAY, but the first name is not legible. It does, however, list the age of the person buried as 51 yrs 10 days. It is not known whom is buried in this grave.

The 1840 and 1850 census list IRA and ELIZABETH BROCKWAY, husband and wife.

Elizabeth JAMES was born June 22, 1802 in Ireland. In the same 1850 census as listed above, her age is shown as 47. Elizabeth died December 27, 1867.

Elizabeth JAMES is the daughter of Thomas Malcolm JAMES and Jane TAYLOR JAMES.

Elizabeth JAMES BROCKWAY was the sister of Henry JAMES, Peter JAMES, Thomas JAMES and William JAMES,

The children of Ira BROCKWAY and Elizabeth JAMES BROCKWAY

This information is gathered from the census records for Erie Co., Ohio, from visits to the JAMES Family area of Bloomingville Cemetery, Oxford Township, Erie Co., Ohio, and from documents examined at the Hayes Presidential Library, Fremont, OH.

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When Elizabeth JAMES BROCKWAY died in 1867, the executor of her estate was Amos F BROCKWAY. The will was probated January 7, 1868. It appears Frederick A BROCKWAY and Amos F BROCKWAY are the same person.

George W BROCKWAY moved to Blissfield, Lenawee County, in southern Michigan after the civil war.

It is assumed Ira BROCKWAY moved to Blissfield, MI to live with his son after the 1867 death of his wife Elizabeth. It is unknown where Elizabeth is buried.

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