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Part Five - Maternal Connections

5.1 - Summary

Theodore Berg married Oliva Hammer in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. They had two children, Edwin and Alma. Unfortunately, Theo and Oliva died and left the two children to live with relatives. Ed was taken in by his mother's sister, Inga Ramstad and her husband, Louie Ramstad, of Duluth.

Ed married Ethel Smith, the daughter of Peter Smith and Amanda Carlson. Ethel's sister was Elfva, who later married Mason Forbes. There were also two brothers born to Peter and Amanda; Ernest died at age one and a half, Gustav died at age 6 months, both prior to the turn of the century.

As Ed Berg grew toward adulthood, he took on the surname Ramstad.

Ed and Ethel Ramstad had two daughters, Dorothy Allison Ramstad, born in 1917, and Lois Mae Ramstad, born in 1925.

Dorothy Ramstad married Thomas M James in August, 1940, in Duluth, MN; Lois married David Hom, also in Duluth.

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