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Part 1 - Ireland to Fireland         JAMES 1806 Immigration from Ireland

Part 2a - Be Fruitful & Multiply    Henry & Abigail James and family.

Part 2b - Be Fruitful & Multiply    Thomas & Frances James and family.

Part 2c - Be Fruitful & Multiply    Peter & Betsey James and family.

Part 3 - The War of Rebellion      Details about participants in the Grand Army of the Republic

Part 4 - Thomas travels to Topeka    Kansas Biographies and related family history

Part 5 - Maternal Connections         under construction (Smith, Hammer, Berg, Ramstad and more...)

Addendum - Map Page                Maps of Ireland, Ohio and more

Addendum - Final Rest               Pictures, Obituaries and Gravestones

Addendum - More Final Rest        More Pictures, Obituaries and Gravestones

Addendum - Even More Final Rest  Even More Pictures, Obituaries and Gravestones

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