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Hammer Family connections, Norway to Minnesota

The Hammer Family Connection

Frederick L Hammer, his wife Anna and their seven children emigrated from Norway to America in 1881. It appears their surname in Norway may have been Larson. Anna's maiden name was reported to be Stori. They settled in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Shortly after their arrival, Frederick was injured from when he fell off a roof and later died.

The children of Frederick and Anna Hammer were:

1885 MN census, Hammer family.

1885 Minnesota state census showing the Hammer family in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail County.

Ludvig and Gina Hammer take in Alma Berg in Minneapolis

Ludvig and Gina moved to Minneapolis in 1890. Gina's father, Johan, died in 1890 and is buried in Minneapolis. In the 1895 Minnesota census you can see Ludvig and Gina living at 1506 4th Street, along with Gina's mother, Anna Grimseth. Anna worked at a confectionery, while Ludvig's job is listed as a clerk in a hardware store.

1895 MN census for Ludvig Hammer
1895 Minnesota census showing Ludvig 34, Gina 35 and Anna Grimseth, age 54. It also shows Ludvig has lived in the same area for 5 years, and in Minnesota for 16 years.

gina grimseth 1880 age 19
1880 US Census showing Gina Grimseth at home with her parents, Johan and Anna, in Dane Prairie Township, south-east of Fergus Falls, in Ottertail County, Minnesota.

gina at age 24
1885 MN Census showing Gina Grimseth, age 24, living at home with her parents in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Anna Grimseth passed away in 1898 and is buried in Minneapolis, next to her husband, Johan.

         johan grimseth gravestone                      anna grimseth gravestone
Gravestones of Johan and Anna Grimseth.

Alma Berg is now living with her uncle Ludvig and aunt Gina Hammer, in Minneapolis

Sometime between Mid-1900 and 1905, Alma Berg, sister of Ed (Berg) Ramstad, left the orphanage in Minneapolis and went to live with her uncle, Ludvig Hammer, and his wife, Gina H (Grimseth) Hammer, residing at 3610 Vincent Street. She continued to live with them thru the death of both Ludvig in 1929 and Gina in 1933. Alma continued to live at the same address after the death of Gina. Alma married James Scherrer in 1941.

alma berg 1905 Minnesota census
1905 MN census-Alma Berg, age 15, living with Ludvig Hammer and his wife, Gina. Ludvig 42, Gina H. Hammer 44. This census listed Ludvig as a Hardware Clerk, Alma as a student.

ludvig and alma 1910
1910 US Census for Minneapolis showing Ludvig Hammer, 49, Gina H Hammer 50 and Alma Berg, 21 and single, living at 3610 Vincent Avenue.

1910 ludvia and alma jobs
1910 US Census showing Ludvig's occupation as Hardware Store Clerk, Alma's occupation as a Demonstrator for the Gas Light Company.

1920 ludvig and alma
1920 US Census for Minneapolis showing Ludvig Hammer, age 58, Ludvig's wife, Gina, age 59 and their niece, Alma Berg, age 29. They lived at 3610 Vincent avenue.

Ludvig and Alma occupations in 1920
1920 US Census showing occupation for Ludvig Hammer as a Merchant in Retail Hardware, and for Alma Berg as a public school teacher.

gina and alma 1930
1930 US Census for Minneapolis showing Ludvig Hammer's widow, Gina, age 69, and Alma Berg, niece, age 40, living at 3610 Vincent Avenue.

alma berg 1940 census
1940 US Census showing Alma Berg living by herself, working as a public school teacher.

james scherrer 1940 census
1940 US Census showing James Scherrer, a lodger, who worked as a WPA laborer on a WPA street construction project

Ludvig died Nov 23, 1929. Gina died October 29. 1933. Both are buried in Minneapolis, near the graves of Gina's mother and father in Lakewood Cemetery. There is also a monument with both the Hammer and the Grimseth names.

             Hammer monument
              Cemetery monument for Ludvig and Gina Hammer, and the Grimseth family.

             ludvig gravestone
              Ludvig Hammer gravestone, 7-11-1861 to 11-23-1929, Minneapolis.

             gina gravestone
              Gina Helena Hammer gravestone, 7-4-1860 to 10-29-1933, Minneapolis.

John (Johann) Hammer

John Hammer was born in Norway in 1865. He came to America at age 18. He moved from Fergus Falls to Duluth. In 1895 John was living with his sister, Carrie Wicklem, in Duluth.

john norton 1895 census
1895 Duluth MN census showing John Hammer, age 29, living with his sister Carrie Hammer Wicklem.

John W Hammer married Anna Mathilda Johnson, on June 1, 1896, in West Superior, Wisconsin. Witnesses to the marriage were John's sister, Carrie Wicklem, and his brother, Olaf Hammer. Anna was born in Sweden.

Their first child, William Alfred Hammer, was born October 26, 1898. Their second child, Helen F, was born in 1899. Their third child, Wilbur J, was born in 1902.

John died June 30, 1907, age 41, in Superior, Wisconsin. John was a tinsmith.

July 2, 1907 Obituary for John Hammer.

The following year, in 1908, his widow, Anna, at age 31, married William R Norton, who was 59 and a civil war veteran.

anna norton 1910 census
1910 US Census for Superior, Wisconsin, showing Anna Norton, 33, and William R Norton, 59. Also showing is that is the second marriage for Anna (M2) but the first marriage (M1) for William. It also denotes that it has been two years since they were married.

anna norton 1910 census page2
1910 US Census showing the three children of Anna and John Hammer, listed as step-children of their mother, Anna, and her second husband, William R Norton, living in Superior, Wisconsin.

Between 1910 and 1920, W.R. Norton passed away. Anna, now a widow once again, lives in Superior. Her oldest son, Alfred, age 22, is working as a bricklayer. Daughter Helen, age 20, is married to Theodore Sanger, age 21, with both living at the home, along the younger brother, Wilbur Hammer, age 17.

anna norton 1920 census
1920 US Census showing Anna Norton and her three children, plus her son-in-law, Theodore Sanger. Anna and family are still living in Superior, Wisconsin. Anna is now shown as the widow of William R Norton.

anna norton 1920 jobs
1920 census note of profession, showing none for Anna Norton and daughter Helen, Bricklayer for Alfred and not-employed for son-in-law Ted Sanger and Wilbur Hammer.

anna norton 1930 census page2
1930 US Census showing Anna Norton living with her son, Wilbur and his family, in Superior, Wisconsin. Wilbur and his wife Ida married in 1922. This shows three of their four childen.

anna norton 1940 census
1940 US Census for Duluth, showing Anna Norton (Hammer) living and working as a housekeeper, age 63. She lived on west 6th, next door to Carrie Hammer Mitchell, her former sister-in-law.

gravestone of john and anna norton hammer
Gravestone of John Hammer and Anna Norton Hammer, Greenwood Cemetery, Douglas County, Wisconsin.

Inger (Inga) Hammer Ramstad

Inger Hammer married Lars H. "Louie" Ramstad in Duluth, Minnesota, February 1, 1890. He was 26, she was 19. Both Louie and Inger became US citizens in 1896.

Inger Hammer Ramstad was born in Norway in June 1870. She passed away on Dec 28, 1962, at age 93.

1910 Census Ed Ramstad age 23
1910 US Census - Louis Ramstad, 45; Inga, 40; Lillian A, age 12; Beatrice A, age 8; Edwin Ramstad, 23

1920 Census Louie Ramstad
1920 US Census - Shows Louis and Inga and their two daughters living in Long Beach, California, on west Ocean Avenue. Louie, 55; Inga, 50; Lillian, age 22 and Beatrice, age 18.

1920 Census louie Ramstad
1920 US Census - Shows Louis Ramstad's profession as a housing contractor.

1930 Census louie Ramstad
1930 US Census, showing Louie, 67, Inga, 60, and daughter Beatrice, 28, back living in Duluth.

1930 Census louie Ramstad job
1930 US Census showing Louie Ramstad's profession as a Contractor performing excavating and brick laying.

1940 Census Louie Ramstad
1940 US Census showing Louie, 76, and Inga, 70, retired and living in Duluth.

Inger Ramstad Obit 1962

Louie Ramstad was born in October, 1874, in Norway. Louie died Dec 24, 1944 at age 81.

Louie Ramstad Obit 1944

Louie Ramstad stone    Inga Ramstad stone
Gravestones for Louie and Inga Ramstad, Oneota Cemetery, Duluth, MN

Children of Louie and Inger Hammer

Inger and Louie Ramstad had one son of their own, but he died very shortly after his birth. In addition to raising their nephew, Edwin Ramstad, they also had a daughter Lillian, born December 31, 1897. and a daughter, Beatrice Ada, born in 1902
  • Lillian married Orson Lee.
  • Orson was born May 9, 1892, in Bowling Green, Missouri
  • Lillian and Orson lived in St. Louis for most of their married life.
  • Orson Lee passed away at age 70, on August 15, 1962. He is buried near family in City Cemetery, Bowling Green, Missouri.
  • Lillian passed away on April 5, 1983, in Los Angeles, California

    Children of Orson and Lillian (Ramstad) Lee

    • Orson and Lillian had one son they lost the same day as his birth, in August, 1923.
    • Orson and Lillian had one daughter, Nancy Inga Lee, born July 23, 1927, in St. Louis.
    • Nancy Lee passed away October 8, 2005, in Oceanside, near San Diego, California.

    1930 Census lillian Ramstad
    1930 US Census showing Lillian and Orson Lee and their daughter Nancy, age 2, living in St.Louis, Missouri

    1930 Orson Lee job

    1940 US Census showing Orson and Lillian Lee and daughter Nancy, age 12, living in St. Louis, Missouri.

    A second daughter, Beatrice Ada, was born in 1902.

    • Beatrice married Louis Nelson on Feb 1, 1936.
    • Beatrice and Louis had two children
      • Louis R Nelson
      • Jon A Nelson

    1940 Census beatrice Ramstad
    1940 US Census for Pueblo, Colorado, showing Louie and Beatrice Nelson, and their son, John, age 2.

    1940 Louis Nelson job
    1940 US Census with Louie Nelson shown as the owner of a Milk Plant

    Louis Nelson died Dec 29, 1975, in Pueblo, Colorado.

    Louis Nelson Obit 1975-1    Louis Nelson Obit 1975-2

    Beatrice passed away on March 10. 1987 at age 85, also in Pueblo, Colorado.

    Beatrice Ramstad Nelson Obit 1987

    Monument for Beatrice and Louis Nelson, Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo, Colorado.

             Louis and Beatrice monument

    beatrice Nelson inscription     louis Nelson inscription
    Monument inspriptions for Beatrice (Ramstad) and Louis Nelson, Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo, Colorado

    Albertie "Bertha" Hammer

    Bertha Hammer married George Hyatt in 1891. The 1895 Minnesota state census shows George, Bertha and daughter Melvia, age 3. Melvia was born May 27, 1892, in Duluth. A son, Ernest George Hyatt, was born July 7, 1897, also in Duluth.

    George, Bertha and Melvia Hyatt 1895

    Sometime between July,1897 and 1900 Bertha died, as the 1900 US census shows George and Melvia living with George's sister, Mary, and her family, in Duluth. It appears Ernest G Hyatt, age 3, in 1900 was living in South Dakota with his aunt and uncle. It is unknown at this time if Bertha's death was related to the birth of her second child.

    George and Melvia Hyatt 1900

    The 1910 US census shows George Hyatt with his second wife, Celia, age 39. George is 42, Celia is 39. Melvia is shown as Leanne, age 18, while their young son, Ernest G Hyatt, is age 12. The family lives in Duluth at this time. The 1910 census also shows this is the second marriage for George but the first marriage for Celia. Unfortunately, Celia died 9 years later, in November, 1919, when the family was living in Pine County, MN, just southwest of Duluth and St. Louis County.

    1910 US census, Hyatt family.

    George married a third time, to Mary Tietz, who also had children from an earlier marriage. They lived near Bruno, in Pine County, just south of Duluth. In the 1930 census they are shown with a step-son and also a child of their own, George M Hyatt, Jr.

    1930 US census, GMHyatt family.

    In the 1940 census, George and Mary are living with her son Arthur Tietz and his family. George Jr., age 14, continues to live with them.

    1940 US census, GMHyatt family.

    George Hyatt died in 1945 and is buried near his second wife, Cecelia, in Bruno cemetery, in Pine County, Minnesota.

    GMHyatt gravestone 1945
    George M Hyatt, Bruno Cemetery, Pine County, Minnesota

    Bertha and George's daughter, Melva, married John F Bernhardt on Sept.16th, 1910, when she was 18.

    melva bernhardt

    The 1920 census shows John, age 32, Melva, age 28, daughter Grace, age 5, and son George, age 8. Shortly after this census was recorded, John and Melva divorced.

    1920 melva bernhardt census

    In March 1920 Melva divorced John Bernhardt.

    1920 melva bernhardt divorce

    Six months later, on September 16th, 1920, Melva married Eliezer A Landre. Eliezer had four children from his first marriage. Melva and Eliezer moved to Spokane, Washington. John Bernhardt also moved to Spokane. It is not known with whom the Bernhardt children lived, but speculation is that the children were with the mother, Melva.

    Melva died April 5. 1926, in Spokane, Washington, at age 32. The Bernhardt kids then moved in with their father, John. Their step father, Eliezer Landre died nine months later, on Jan 5, 1927, at age 37, and is buried in Duluth. Eliezer's four childred, who may have been living in Spokane at this time, moved to western Washington to live with their grandparents.

    Melva Landre gravestone
    Melva Landre, 1926, Greenwood Memorial Terrace, Spokane, Washington

    Eliezer Landre gravestone
    Eliezer Landre, 1927, Park Hill Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota. Second husband of Melva Hyatt Landre

    Constance Landre gravestone
    Constance Landre, 1918, first wife of Eliezer Landre and mother of his four children. Park Hill Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota

    Ernest G Hyatt was a soldier during WWI. He married Marie Doberstein and they had two children, Jeanette, born 1915, and Clarence, born in December, 1916. Ernest and Marie divorced soon after, with Marie living with her parents, as shown in the 1920 census, and later with her brother and parents on the family farm in 1930.

    1920 EGHyatt census

    1920 census showing Marie Hyatt, divorced wife of Ernest G Hyatt, and her children Jeanette and Clarence, living with her parents and siblings.

    1930 EGHyatt census

    1930 Census showing Marie, Jeanette and Clarence Hyatt living on family farm, but now run by her brother, Henry.

    Marie Doberstein Hyatt died in 1934.

    Marie D Hyatt gravestone

    Karen "Carrie" Hammer

    In 1893, Carrie Hammer, an aunt of Ed and Alma Berg, married Louis Wicklem in Duluth. After their September 16th wedding, Carrie and Louis lived in West Duluth. Louis Wicklem died unexpectedly in 1897, leaving his wife and one daughter, Ruby.

    carrie hammer wicklem 1895
    1895 MN census-Louis Wicklem 29, Carrie Hammer Wicklem 19, Rubie Wicklem 10 months, Alma Berg 6, John Hammer 29

    1897 Duluth city directory reference to Louis Wicklem's death

    1899 Duluth city directory showing Carrie Wicklem, widow of Louis

    1900 US census showing Anna Hammer, Carrie's mother, age 59, Carrie 24 and Carrie's daughter Ruby, age 5

    Alma Berg had been living with her Aunt Carrie Hammer in Duluth, then shortly after the death of Louis Wicklem, Alma lived in an orphanige in Minneapolis, then in 1900 or later, began to live with her uncle, Ludvig Hammer, and his wife, Gina, in Minneapolis.

    A few years after the death of Louis, in 1902, Carrie married Robert Mitchell, the second marriage for both. In subsequent years Robert worked for and with Louie Ramstad and with Ed Ramstad in the Building Construction Contracting business. Robert was born in 1866 in Canada. He and Carrie became US citizens in 1906.

    In 1903 Carrie's mother, Anna Stori Hammer passed away. Anna's husband, Frederick Hammer (Carrie's father) died back in 1881 after falling off the roof of the house in Fergus Falls.

    Obituary and gravestone for Anna Hammer, Carrie's mother, born in Norway.

    Robert had one son, Fred, from his first marriage. Carrie and Robert had one child, Ester Mildred Mitchell, born in 1905.

    1905 Minnesota census showing Robert 35, Carrie 29, Fred Mitchell 12, Ruby Wicklem 11 and Ester M (Mildred) a baby less than one year old.

    In 1906 Robert and Carrie lost two of their children, Mildred and Fred.

    Duluth newspaper announcement about the death of Ester Mildred Mitchell, May 7, 1906, due to pneumonia.

    gravestone for Ester Mildred Mitchell, age 15 months. Oneota Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota.

    At this same time, the Mitchell family was moving to Burnett for the summer, which is about 25 miles northwest of Duluth. This was where Robert Mitchell's job took them. Their plans were to return to Duluth for the start of fall school classes.

    Newspaper mention of the family's summer move to Burnett

    This is also where, a few months later, in September, 1906, tragedy struck the family again. Freddie Mitchell was 12 years old.

    Duluth headline and story about the murder of 12-year old Freddie Mitchell, in Burnett, Minnesota, on September 5, 1906

    Report about the motive for the murder. Sept 7, 1906

    Report about the growing reward being offered in the case. Sept 8, 1906

    More followup about the Freddie Mitchell case, Sept 11, 1906

    A related story about the murder case. Sept 11, 1906

    The reward grows for the murder case. Sept 13, 1906

    A slight clue in the murder case. Sept 21, 1906

    More clues surface. Sept 22, 1906

    A break in the case? Jan. 3, 1907, four months after the murder.

    False alarm, wrong person. Jan 5, 1907.

    Suspect in custody. May be insane. June 10, 1907. Ten months after the murder.

    The prime suspect moved to the insane asylum. No resolution to the case.

    As far as can be discerned from newspaper reports, the murder of Freddie Mitchell was never solved.

    gravestone for Fred Mitchell 1893-1906, age 12. Oneota Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota.

    The 1910 US Census showing Robert 41, Carrie 32 and the notation that they had two kids but only one is living. Ruby Wicklem Mitchell is about 16 and is not shown on this census report, but was still living with them.

    1913 Duluth city directory showing Robert Mitchell while Ruby (Wicklem) Mitchell is listed as a student.

    1920 US Census showing Robert 52, Carrie 42 and Ruby 22.

    1930 US census showing Robert 63 and Carrie 53, with no kids remaining at the home.

    Robert died suddenly in 1931 at age 65. He is buried in Oneita Cemetery in Duluth, Minnesota.

    Obituary for Robert Mitchell. 1866 to 1931

    Another obituary notice for Robert Mitchell

    Gravestone for Robert B Mitchell, 1866-1931

    1940 US census showing Carrie age 63 and a widow.

    1948 Duluth city directory listing Carrie Mitchell, widow of Robert.

    1950 Photo of Carrie Hammer Mitchell

    Carrie Hammer Wicklem Mitchell passed away on friday, February 26, 1960, in Duluth, Minnesota. She was 83.

    Obituary for Carrie Hammer Mitchell, February 1960. Carrie is buried in Oneota Cemetery, Duluth, alongside her husband Robert, her Mother Anna Hammer and two children, Fred and Matilda. Her other daughter, Ruby Wicklem Mitchell Johnson, is buried nearby

    gravestone for Carrie Hammer Mitchell, Oneota Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota.

    Carrie's first daughter, Ruby, married Edgar Clarence Johnson in 1928. Edgar was the proprietor of and later a partner in a furniture store in Duluth.

    Ruby was born in 1894, Edgar was born in 1896.

    1930 US census showing Ruby 36 and Edgar 34 Johnson. At the time of the census they had been married for only 2 years.

    Part of the 1930 US census showing the jobs held by Edgar and Ruby Johnson

    1940 US census for Ruby and Edgar Johnson, and their daughter Karen.

    Obituaries and Gravestone for Ruby Mitchell Johnson and her husband Edgar Clarence Johnson. Ruby died in 1984, Edgar in 1985. They are buried in Oneota Cemetery, Duluth, Minnesota.

    Olof, aka Ole, Hammer

    Ole Hammer arrived in America in 1881 with his family as a 1 year old from Norway. Born in 1880 in Norway, Ole died in 1968. Ole married Christie H. Stoefen in 1924. She was born in 1883 and died in 1964.

    Ole was a brick mason and worked most of this life with his nephew Edwin Ramstad and his brothers in law Louie Ramstad or Robert Mitchell. Christy was a school teacher.

    1885 Minnesota census, Fergus Falls, MN, showing Ole as 5 years old

    1900 census for Duluth showing Christie Stoefen as an 18 year old student.

    1910 census showing Christie Stoefen as a public school teacher

    1920 census showing Ole at age 39 and a brick mason.

    1930 census showing Ole and Christie married and living in Duluth.

    1930 census showing the jobs of Ole and Christie Hammer in 1930

    1940 census showing Ole and Christie Hammer

    1940 census showing the jobs reported by Ole and Chrisite Hammer

    Duluth Minnesota City Directory listings for Ole and Christy Stoefen Hammer

    • 1914

    • 1918

    • 1921

    • 1922

    • 1928

    • 1928

    • 1936

    • 1937

    • 1937

    • 1943

    • 1950

            Ole and Christie at a family gathering in 1950.

    1968 obituary for Ole Hammer, age 88.

    1964 obituary for Christie H. Hammer, age 80.

    Ole and Christie Hammer are buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Duluth, Minnesota.

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