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Part Two (C) - Be Fruitful & Multiply - Peter & Elizabeth James

Who are Peter and Betsey (Elizabeth) JAMES?

Peter JAMES is the oldest child of Thomas JAMES and Jane TAYLOR. Peter was born March 25, 1798, in Knockadawk, Wexford, Ireland, emigrating to America with his parents in 1807. Peter died at age 65 on January 27, 1863, in Matteson Township, Branch County, Michigan.   view grave marker   

PETER married Elizabeth WHITE on 11 May, 1823, in Huron County, Ohio. Elizabeth, aka Betsey, was the daughter of Samuel and Jane WHITE. Betsey was born in 1804 in Pottsville, PA. and died in 1866. Betsey is buried in Hartland Cemetery, Huron County, Ohio.   view grave marker   

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